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A Quick Guide to Pisces Season

A Quick Guide to Pisces Season


A Quick Guide to Pisces Season

Written by: Ines Maria

The sun shifts into Pisces from February 19th - March 20th every year. Even if you’re not a pisces or don’t have much or any pisces placements, you will still feel its effects. This sign is best known for their creativity, empathy, and curiosity. So now is the best time to tap into those energies!


Pisces are known as the dreamers, so during this time you may be experiencing some enhanced motivation and inspiration. It is a great time to focus on what you are trying to manifest, AKA turning your dreams into your reality. Because of the energy that the sign of Pisces brings, you may even see your manifestations come to you quicker.

Element: Water 

Pisces is a water sign. Water signs are all about emotions and intuition, which both have a big role when it comes to manifesting. Being in tune with your emotions allows you to be clear on what you want and what you don’t want. Using your emotions is key when it comes to thinking about your desires, because it allows you to tap in and experience the feelings of how you will feel once you receive what you’ve been waiting for. Intuition allows you to know what is right for you and what isn’t. It helps you understand what you may need to do in order to let your manifestation come through quicker, or what is holding you back from it finally happening. 

Planets: Neptune and Jupiter

Joining the Sun, Neptune and Jupiter are currently in Pisces as well. What does all of this mean? The sign is embodying the energy of that specific planet. The sun is ego and creativity. Neptune is inspiration. Jupiter is luck. Lining this all up with what Pisces energy is all about is just another example on how right now is an amazing time to manifest.

Rising Sign:

The rising signs that will be most affected by Pisces season are of course Pisces itself, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Gemini. As a Pisces rising, you need to focus on finding balance within yourself during this time. Especially since this sign puts such an emphasis on your emotions. To find out your rising sign, you can search up a natal chart calculator. The one thing you must need to know is your birth time. Even if your rising sign isn't one of the ones mentioned, you can still use this time to your advantage to get in tune with the Pisces energy.

Metaphysical Tools:

There can be different ways to manifest based on your zodiac sign. Some tools that will benefit you throughout Pisces season are Amethyst, tea tree oil, and white sage. Amethyst is Pisces birthstone, and is great for calmness, rejuvenation, and balancing emotions. Tea tree oil can allow you to be calm within your energy. White sage is good for cleansing the energy around you, good or bad, and allowing you to feel balanced. All of these are available in our shop.


A Quick Guide to Pisces Season


Pisces season has a lot in store, and it’s up to us to make the most of it. Let us emerge ourselves in the energy of dreaming , and watch them come true right before our eyes. What are you trying to manifest this season?

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