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Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment Through Yoga and Meditation

Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment Through Yoga and Meditation

Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment Through Yoga and Meditation

If you're reading this blog, I'm sure you have heard of the term spiritual enlightenment - and are probably interested in what it means or are currently on your journey towards it. Spiritual enlightenment is essentially the state you reach when connecting to the version of your highest self through healing. You obtain a greater understanding of the world. How the dark (Yin) and the light (Yang) create balance. That we are bigger than this human version of ourselves and our egos.

Yoga brings awareness to the mind, body, and soul all at once. It does this through the activation of your mind and the movement of your body, all while connecting to your soul. It is a spiritual practice and a form of healing. Meditation is a practice where you come to awareness of the mind, letting your thoughts pass by and not engaging with them. This is meant to lead you to a deep state of mindfulness. You can sit in silence and listen to your breathing, listen to a guided audio, or even chant healing mantras to help with your focus.

Now, did you know that herbs and crystals could enhance your experience with both meditation and yoga? And possibly... even bring you to spiritual enlightenment and healing on a deeper level than you could ever imagine?

When it comes to working with crystals in either meditation or yoga, a few things are important. It is important to know which chakra is connected to the crystal(s) you are using. Each crystal is designated to a chakra - so depending on what you are working on healing - this is important to know. Crystals are also associated with the zodiac signs, so you may have more of a powerful connection to one crystal over another due to your sign. You can check out our crystal dictionary - which will provide you with the knowledge of what each crystals chakra, zodiac, element, origin, and meaning is. 

Ultimately, the way you would connect with crystals in either meditation or yoga is using them as your tools. Now that you picked your crystals that match the intention you are setting. You can set them down in front of you so they can absorb the energy around you, wear it on your person to connect to its spiritual energy, or hold it in your hands so you can feel the healing energy flow into your body. 

Now when it comes to working with herbs in either meditation or yoga, just like crystals, each herb has their own intentions and healing properties. You can try smudging - which is the act of burning a sacred herb to energetically cleanse yourself and the energy around you. Or, you can drink tea sourced from healing herbs to help you achieve the state of being calm to help you throughout your meditation or yoga practice. You can check out our herb catalog - along with its purpose. 

At Flying With Air, we are dedicated to help you on your spiritual healing journey. Let's keep the conversation going - comment below which are your favorite crystals and/or herbs! 

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