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Bringing the Metaphysical into the Mainstream: The Crystal Vending Machine

Posted by Airica Kraehmer on


Bringing the Metaphysical into the Mainstream: The Crystal Vending Machine

Written By: Ines Maria

Flying With Air's mission for 2022 is to bring the metaphysical into the mainstream. And as a part of that mission, we will be launching a crystal vending machine. Yes, you read that correct. A crystal vending machine!

It will feature selections of both tumbled and raw crystals, candles, crystal jewelry such as bracelets and pendants, smudges, tarot, and apothecary care (soaps, lotions, and perfumes). The vending machine will be the color gold - to match the color of Pyrite, which is all about riches and abundance. Our packaging for the products will be blue, which is for human trafficking awareness which is also a huge part of the Flying with Air brand. 

Bringing the Metaphysical into the Mainstream: The Crystal Vending MachineBringing the Metaphysical into the Mainstream: The Crystal Vending Machine


What To Know About Our First Launch: 

Our first launch will take place at the West Town Mall in Knoxville, Tennessee. This reason of the launch of a crystal vending machine in this location is for three reasons. This is where the founder of Flying with Air, Airica Kraehmer (Air) got her bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Nutrition, and Health Human Sciences.

The second reason is because this is where our plants are ethically grown. This is where our signature herbs and tea blends come from. Everything in our shop is completely vegan and organic, as well as PETA approved. They are naturally derived from our planet. They are good for the environment, and good for you. 

The last reason is this is where Air's healing process began as a human trafficking survivor, where you can read more about her story here. This is where she realized that she could take the darkness from her past and turn it into light, to heal herself and eventually assist in healing others. At Flying with Air, we strive daily to help others on their healing and spiritual journeys with our naturally derived herbs, skincare, crystals and metaphysical tools. 

Within the span of the next three to four years, our crystal vending machines will be in malls (like our Aventura Mall and soon-to-be Sawgrass Mall locations), cruise ships, schools, botanical gardens, and even more. We aim to make our mark and have our metaphysical products accessible to those who are beginning or already on their healing/spiritual journeys, or even to those to just have a peak interest in this never before seen creation. 

Bringing the Metaphysical into the Mainstream: Crystal Vending Machine

Disclaimer: Our crystal vending machine is a patented and trademarked product.

Payments can be made with Apple Pay (adaptable to any currency), Google Pay, Debit/Credit Card, and/or Cash. Our machines are powered by one plug without excessive use of power. It is connected to Wifi and functions by doing so. 

Flying With Air is all about good vibes and love. Those who join our tribe are accepted with no judgement. Our crystal vending machines will be an extension to our desire to help others on their healing and spiritual journey with Mother Earth's help and metaphysical tools. 



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