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Celebrating Earth Month 2021 -Earth Day is Coming

Celebrating Earth Month 2021 -Earth Day is Coming

Hi friend! I wanted to take a moment to share with you that it is the first day of celebrating Earth Month 2021

I’ve poured my heart and soul into sharing with anyone nearby that mother nature needs to be protected and loved. This is why celebrating Earth Day with planting trees and giving back is so important to us at Flying with Air. 

Being a PETA approved, environmentally friendly and naturally derived brand extends past avoiding animal cruelty in our organic based products. We take it a step further by only using packaging that is biodegradable, recycled or reusable. We feel that as a company that provides both B2C & B2B business, we should take part in the responsibility for avoiding waste and harm to our planet.

This Earth Month we want to encourage you to learn more about the companies you buy from frequently and their dedication to protecting the environment. We ask on behalf of mother nature, you give back to the planet through volunteering for a beach or nature trail trash pickup. Learn about the types of codes affiliated with recycled plastic and the term "wishful recycling."  And please, invest in products which will last longer, biodegradable or are reusable -such as reusable masks. 

Know that if you ever have questions—we're only an email away.

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