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how to charge and program crystals

Cleansing, charging and Programming Crystals

how to cleanse charge and program crystals

Have you ever touched a crystal that may feel off to you? A crystal is designed to absorb all the negative energy so that you can use it in a more beneficial way in the future. Crystal cleansing is vital when it comes to making the best use of your crystals!


You can cleanse your crystals by burning white sage or palo santo around them, washing them under salt water or placing them in a bowl of salt. It is important to remember that you must set an intention to cleanse your crystals in order for the cleansing to be most effective. An energetic relationship between you and your crystal is reflected within the long-term results that you will receive within the duration of using the crystal.


One of the ways to charge a crystal is through sunlight. Sunlight is the opposite energy of moonlight, as it is a masculine and vibrant energy. You can charge your crystals intuitively until you feel that it is fully charged. If your crystal is not sensitive to sunlight or salt water, you can place the crystal in a bowl of salt water and out in the sunlight. An eclipse can also charge your crystal. An eclipse is a more dramatic and transformative energy, as it will initiate shifts and changes within your life. If you choose to charge your crystal with the energy of an eclipse, get ready for a massive transformation!


Programming your crystals is necessary when you intend to build a positive relationship with your crystal. Once you choose a crystal that aligns with your goals and desires, you should activate the crystal by speaking your intentions with the crystal that is intended to serve that purpose. You may do this in a comfortable and quiet space in your home and be within a meditative state. visualize, manifest and practice gratitude to receive the best results! 

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how to cleanse charge and program crystals


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