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From Canada, Tonia Cianciulli is an award winning singer and songwriter

Diving Deep into Depression with Tonia Cianciulli - Show Notes

Title: Diving Deep into Depression

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Special Guest:

Tonia Cianciulli

Guest Biography:

From Canada, Tonia Cianciulli is an award winning singer and songwriter, author, and NLP Heartmath expert. Tonia is the heart of heart to heart artist talk. She is a phenomenal artist who understand how depression and anxiety affects not only your life but career and family as well. 

Main Show Takeaways:

  • What Depression Looks Like for Different People
  • How to Deal with Depression and Anxiety
  • How to  Cope with and Build a Tool Kit to Counteract Depression
  • How to Deal with Depression in a Relationship or Family
  • How to Help Someone with Depression
  • What Depression Feels like in Mothers
  • What Depression Feels like in Children and Teenagers
  • How to Talk to a Child Going through Anxiety and Depression

Show Summary:

Are you wondering how to deal with depression? You are not alone! In this diving deep into depression we talk with award winning singer/songwriter and NLP Heartmath expert, Tonia Cianciulli. This episode is highly relatable as Tonia walks us through creating your no more depression toolkit! It is a must listen episode of artists battling depression, business women with anxiety and mothers of children with depression or anxiety. 

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