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The Science Behind Crystals: Vibrations & Frequencies

The Science Behind Crystals: Vibrations & Frequencies

 The Science Behind Crystals: Vibrations & Frequencies

Written By: Ines Maria

Crystals are comprised of their own frequency and energy. No crystal is the same, and that's the beauty of it. Here on Earth, we are vibrating on a 7.83 hertz, while crystals essentialy vibrate up to 32,768 hertz. Just from that alone, you can see how high vibrational crystals are. When you connect with crystals, essentially the goal is to bring you closer to higher consciousness and awareness. They can work to shift you out of low energy and to raise our own energy levels. This can be regarding yourself and your surroundings. What's fascinating about crystals is that each one has their own properties and intentions, and there will always be one that will be able to assist you in exactly what you need. 

They are made of fixed molecules. Their frequency will never change, unlike humans. As humans of the Earth, we are always changing. Our interests, our inner circles, ourselves as a being. Crystals have a stabilized energy, which is why they are so powerful. And it's also why they can have such an impact in our lives. With crystals being stable and with humans always shifting, it creates an overall balance for crystals to provide exactly what you are seeking for in this current moment of your journey.

What does it mean when I lose/break a crystal?

There are many interpretations that can be taken from this. One is that a crystal fulfilled its purpose, the intention you set for it has been met and you no longer need it. For example, one of our workers had bought a citrine bracelet to attract more wealth into her life. She set her intention, and wore the bracelet until one day she lost it. During the entire time of having this bracelet, she wasn't seeing any changes which left her confused. The day after she lost it, that is when the money started flowing in. The crystal served its purpose and brought her desire into reality. 

Another interpretation could be that you possibly just don't resonate with the crystal. Which essentially means there's another one out there or even multiple that could serve a better purpose. I would recommend when purchasing a crystal, to purchase it if you feel called to it. Feel it in your body and with your intuition. If there's no connection, keep looking for one that brings it. You want to be able to connect to a crystal, to meet it vibration in order to attract whatever it is you are seeking.

One last interpretation is that it has retained enough energy and it no longer needs to be in your life. This one would be more directed towards protective stones, like hematite. My own experience with hematite was interesting. I had bought matching rings with a friend at the time. The intention behind hematite is to store negative energy and once it has enough, it will either break or get lost. Within the first few weeks of having these rings, my friend's snapped in half. While mine never broke, I just ended up losing it months later. The interpretation behind this would be that hers retained so much negative energy, whether it was in herself or her surroundings. Whereas with my experience, it retained enough energy to the point where I no longer needed it in my life, and fulfilled it's purpose of protecting me from negativity. 

How Do You Activate Your Crystals?

There's a few different ways that you can activate your crystals. The first would be holding between the palm of your hands. Or to be more specific, hold it in your left hand since it is your receiving hand. You can ever think in your head or speak out loud, but set your intention for what you are going to use this crystal for. Another way would be by setting them under either the moon or sun. In this case, it would be best to search whether a crystal's energy is solar or lunar that way it is best matched towards the energy of its source. One last way to activate your crystals would be in accordance to their chakra. By placing the crystal on the chakra it resonates with, you can begin to visualize turning your intention into your reality. 

Triple C's: Color, Chakras, Crystals

The Science Behind Crystals: Vibrations & Frequencies

Crystals create vibrations that then turn into energy. This energy can be directed towards your manifestations, healing, and so much more. But did you know that crystals also vibrate differently depending on their color and chakra? The root chakra and the color red vibrates at 432hz. The sacral chakra and the color orange vibrates at 480hz. The solar plexus chakra and the color yellow vibrates at 528hz. The heart chakra and the color green vibrates at 594hz. The throat chakra and the color blue vibrates at 672hz. The third eye chakra and the color indigo vibrates at 720hz. And finally, the crown chakra and the colors purple and white vibrate at 768z.

Notice how as the chakras and colors are in order from lower to higher, the frequencies are the same. This is something to be mindful of when it comes to working with crystals, because what you may need  might require a higher or lower vibrational crystal. Make sure to do your research when it comes to crystals in order to use them to their fullest potential, and assist in matching your energy towards whatever you are seeking. 

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