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Guide to Gemini Season

Guide to Gemini Season


Guide to Gemini Season


Written By: Ines Maria

Happy Gemini Season! From May 21st to June 21st, the sun moves into Gemini. Moving into this placement of Gemini allows us to feel a sense of renewal and fresh air. This is a season of change, but in a new way.

During Aries season, it was all about change as well. It was about igniting a fire within yourself and taking yourself to the next level. In Taurus Season, it was about grounding yourself and feeling peaceful in the new energy that had been created. And now with Gemini season, it's about allow new beginnings to happen in your life. It's to feel a sense of clarity. It's to bring you inspiration. It's to open yourself and your heart to new ways of thinking, being, and knowing. 

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Gemini is ruled by the planet of Mercury. Mercury is known for communication. Communication is important when it comes to expressing ourselves. It can be expressed in our words, our art, our ideas, our style. So keep that in mind this Gemini season, communicate in a way that aligns with the change that you are looking to create. This planet is all about bringing you towards new ideas and expressions of life. It allows you to adapt in a way of going with the flow so you aren't left feeling drained or confused. If anything, it allows you to feel free and optimistic. 

Element: Air

Gemini is an Air sign. The other two Air signs are Libra and Aquarius. Being an Air sign means that you are free-spirited. They tend to be calm and collected, which is why things seem to flow so easily for them. They are known to be the "communicators" of the zodiac. This can be confirmed on Gemini's behalf since it is ruled by the planet of Mercury. They have the ability to be able to connect and work with others so effortlessly. It's a gift that these signs carry. They are also known to be very logical. They think with their head instead of their heart. Since they are also known to be open minded, this is a good thing because that means they are able to critically think and speak with truth and intention. 

Metaphysical Tools: Gemini

Guide to Gemini Season

The crystals that I would recommend working with this Gemini season are Chrysocolla, Pink Tourmaline, and Dalmatian Jasper. The herbs I would recommend are Lavender and Peppermint. 

Chrysocolla is known to enhance the freedom of expression. It unblocks your throat and heart chakra so you can speak your truth. It also known as being a stone of change and new beginnings, which is what Gemini season is all about. Pink Tourmaline will allow you to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit connection. This is needed for all of the new changes coming your way. It also promotes better listening and understanding, which is much needed for Gemini since they are ruled by the planet of communication. Lastly, Dalmatian Jasper brings out our inner child energy, whereas Gemini is known for having a childlike energy to their aura. It allows us to relax and regenerate, to feel calm and to let things flow easily. 

Lavender promotes calmness and balance. Gemini's star symbol is the Twins, so when it comes to balance/duality, this helps provides this state of being for them. It also helps to stimulate creativity, which plays a big role when it comes to this sign. This goes back to being a communicator, and one way they communicate can be through their art. Writing, painting, dancing, and so on. Peppermint provides a sense of purification and renewal. And with all of the new energies and beginning coming through this season, this is definitely what is needed. It helps you to clear the mind, which is great and needed for Gemini's. 

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