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How to Dry Plants with Your Oven and Limited Space

How to Dry Plants with Your Oven and Limited Space

how to dry plants flower and roots with your oven
Hi everyone!
So of you all were asking about drying plants yesterday. Here is one of my favorite methods when you are limited on space. 
This is one of the best processes for drying flowers to avoid molding and when you have limited space. This would be used for something like Hibicious, Marigold, Rose, Mint, Violet, Lemongrass and roots. 
Oven drying is not a good method for herbs with branches unless the leaves are removed first and branches disposed of or repurposed. 

Oven drying flowers requires a lower oven temperature of about 100 degrees F. Oven drying is often used if you do not have the open room or outside area to hang dry or table dry. Plus, it is much quicker! 

1. Set the oven temperature at 100 degrees F and leave the door open at about a 30 degree angle. Leaving the door open with help with relieving lingering moisture from the flowers or roots. 

2. Place the flowers on a cookie sheet. Do not layer the flowers or roots on top of one another. You will end up with really dry plants and somewhat dry plants. The end future result? Half your batch will be molding by next Tuesday.

how to dry out flowers with hang dry and oven dry

3. Every 10-15 minutes turn over the plants to ensure both sides are drying. We are bringing out some of the yang properties of the plant without destroying the chemical makeup, so by watching them, we are ensuring we are not burning them! 

4. When the plants are thoroughly dried, remove from the oven. The timing here depends on the moisture composition and type of plant we are drying. It can take 15 minutes up to 2 hours. 

5. Let the dried plant sit for a 2 hours before attempting to dice or crush the plant further. This is both for your safety and to let the chemical reactions come to a halt before further processing. 

Was this helpful? Would you like to learn more about harvesting and cultivation? Flying with Air actually teaches classes on all sorts of methods and herbs. We invite you to join anytime! 

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