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How to make Aries season YOURS!

How to make Aries season YOURS!


How to make Aries season YOURS!

Written by: Ines Maria

Aries are known to be passionate, driven, and confident. Their presence can never be missed, and I'm sure you'll start feeling the effects of Aries season soon if you haven't already. Now is the perfect time to start those things you've been putting off, with not only a new zodiac season but also the beginning of Spring. It's no coincidence if all these fresh ideas have begun springing into your mind. With Aries being such a driven sign, take this energy that we're in and make that change you've been waiting for.

Ruling Planet: Mars

Aries is ruled by Mars. This planet is all about how you take action and how you work. It is the planet of passion, war, and ambition. If you have any Aries placements within your natal chart, you may feel the urge to charge forward when it comes to your goals. Signs that are also very driven by their work are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn (Earth signs). So if you have any of those placements as well, you may feel the Aries energy a bit more. Shifting from Pisces season where it was all about dreaming and manifesting, Aries season is when all of that start to unfold - it's time to get to work!

Element: Fire

Of course with the fiery energy that Aries bring, they are associated with the fire sign. Other fire signs would be Leo and Sagittarius. When it comes to fire, you think of strength, light, and power. All traits that Aries carry within themselves. Aries is a Masculine sign. Its ruler planet (Mars) and its Yang elements (Chinese Zodiac) is what ties this sign to be considered Masculine. The Divine Masculine is assertive, industrious, and courageous - just like an Aries. 

Metaphysical Tools:

Set yourself up for success. You can use different metaphysical tools to help you during this season. Cleanse your space and energy by using Florida Water. It's a substitute for holy water and sage, which are things you can use as well. The purpose of Florida Water is for purifying and positive intentions. You can use it in a soothing bath, spray it around your living/workspace for a calm environment, or even use it to cleanse your crystals.

Speaking of crystals, Carnelian and Unakite are the crystals I would recommend working with throughout Aries season. Carnelian is a stone of courage, creativity, and confidence. These are all traits that Aries carry within themselves. Unakite is a stone of awareness, balance, and alignment. During Aries season with all of the passion and motivation within you that is being brought to life, these are things that you should focus on as well so you don't burn out.

Embrace the Change: 

Take this new season to reinvent yourself. Sit down and think about the things that do and don't serve you. Think about what is stopping you from the level you want to be at, and what you need to do in order to get there. Make the change. Embrace it. Aries season is all about taking action and leveling up your life, but also finding the balance within so everything you desire can happen with ease.  What changes are you looking forward to making in Aries season?

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