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Manifesting wealth and abundance

Manifesting wealth and abundance



Good evening beautiful spiritual beings, are you manifesting wealth, abundance and happiness? 

The radiant citrine is known for attracting more energy and uplifting your mood.  It is a stone that represents the energy of the sun. When you utilize an intense crystal such as citrine, you can say goodbye to lower vibrational energy. The radiant crystal citrine absorbs negative energies into its aura and transmutes it into positive, bubbly energy. Citrine is an amazing gift to people who struggle with chronic fatigue or any other conditions that result in always being tired or depression.

The yellow color is what makes citrine unique, as it originates from the French citron, meaning lemon. The spiritual meaning behind citrine’s yellow rays of sunshine represents joy, wealth, and transmutation. Citrine is especially great for business owners and investors. For people who are involved in business ventures, specifically new business ventures with new clients or partners, citrine can be used to attract prosperity. If you put citrine in your pocket or purse, it is considered good luck.

Citrine stirs up your creativity and imagination as it helps guide you to your passion. Citrine was known as the merchant's stone for its rare abilities of assisting others in acquiring wealth and maintaining it. It is a crystal of abundance and manifestation, as it is a magnet for an overflow of financial luck, money, and fortune. It also encourages kindness, generosity and sharing part of the riches. Citrine is useful for money ventures, and is ideal for sales and commercial success. Always remember to carry a citrine crystal with you to achieve financial freedom and contentment.

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