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Morning Mindfulness - How to Create a Morning Routine

Morning Mindfulness - How to Create a Morning Routine


Morning Mindfulness - How to Create a Morning Routine

Written by: Ines Maria

I like to consider myself a morning person on the days where I don't have any tasks to do, but on those days that I do - I'm guilty of hitting that snooze button on my alarm clock. The days where I can take my time and have a slow start to morning, opposed to the days where I have an early shift and have to jump straight into getting ready for work; there is a huge shift in how my day will go. 

I started to sit down and compare how I feel on the days where I actually get to eat breakfast and journal, as opposed to those days where I keep my eyes closed as long as I possibly can until I have to get ready. The difference is massive. So I thought to myself how can I allow myself to feel good every morning?

I realized that I can feel as balanced as I do on my days off, even on the days where I may have a hundred things to do. It all starts with a routine. For me, that routine consists of a moment of gratitude, a meditation practice, journaling, and some food to start off my day. Realistically, I don't do every single one every day. But, as long as I do at least one, then I know I am making an effort to do something for myself before I spend the rest of the day being surrounded by the energy of others. 

Gratitude and Meditation 

Before you reach that phone to check your social media, pause and think about one thing you are grateful for. Whether it be from the night before or something you're looking forward to later on today, take a moment to express your gratitude for it. When you appreciate the blessings you currently have, you are allowing space for more to come in.

Once you step into this energy, a quick mediation can allow this energy to continue to flow. No, you don't need to do an entire hour meditation (but if you have the time - go for it!) Five minutes of sitting in your own energy, conscious breathing and intention, to start off the rest of your day. A five minute morning mindfulness meditation. You'll feel the difference.

Feeding Your Mind and Body


 Morning Mindfulness - How to Create a Morning Routine

Do something that's going to stimulate your mind. Reading a book. Listening to a podcast. Journaling the thoughts that came from your dreams last night. Even writing down a to-do list. A practice to get your mind thinking and expanding. 

Another important practice is getting some food in! They also say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and whether it's true or not.. we need to have something is our system after hours of resting. We need as much energy as we can get to carry us throughout our day, which you can do is fueling your body with a nutritious breakfast.

Prioritize Your Rest

A big reason why you might start your morning off feeling so low in energy is because you aren't getting enough sleep the night before. The same way you shouldn't check your phone first thing in the morning, is the same way you shouldn't be on it right before you go to sleep. Wait at least 15 minutes before you wake up to touch your phone, and make sure 15 minutes before you go to sleep you don't touch it at all. Try reading a book instead, or drinking a cup of tea. Be mindful of how you start your day and night.


Morning mindfulness is important and can set the tone for the rest of your day. By implementing practices into your morning, you will begin to see shifts on how your day goes. What's one of your favorite things to do to start off your morning?

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