New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Welcome, my inquisitive friends, are you ready for a new beginning? Moonstone is the crystal of growth, intuition, peace and strength. It has a beautiful, motherly energy that is very warm and feminine. It is the stone of emotional balance, as it helps you seek the inner truth and wisdom to connect to your higher consciousness. Moon stone eases emotions and encourages emotional stability. It promotes love, and healing for relationships and connections. 

Moonstone encourages empowerment, self discovery and new beginnings. It stimulates physical healing properties for the human body, as it accelerates healthy rhythms and balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Moonstone is known to benefit the feminine reproductive systems and improve chances of fertility. It also reduces menstrual cycle issues, grounds hormonal balance and it reduces retention of fluids. It also improves your sleep schedule and helps you sleep more peacefully. I recommend you to sleep with a moonstone under your pillow to gain all the benefits. 

Positive affirmations to use during the new moon:

  1. I am open to new beginnings.
  2. I am ready to receive love.
  3. I am worthy of emotional stability, love, and peace. 
  4. I am healing every single day. 
  5. I am inspired and I will succeed at anything I put my mind to.
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