Overcoming Obstacles with Apothecary in Miami, Florida

Overcoming Obstacles with Apothecary in Miami, Florida

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Hi everyone! This is the time when I speak into the big open void of the internet. I'm hoping this post reaches someone who will know the struggle or, at the very least wants to know they are not alone. After all, the greatest conversations of all time, the best blogs ever written -were never spoken or read. 

I've been traveling coast to coast for the best materials for the Flying with Air shop. No joke, we packed up the car in Miami and road-tripped it all the way to Seattle, Washington.

It definitely is textbook hippie style -sleeping in cars and hiking with our dogs. I was hoping to find something of an epiphany while traveling state by state. 

I found new organic herbs, and I learned several new recipes for apothecary salves and balms. Now, I know the right herbal blend for headache relief and sore muscles. I have classic herbs like saint johns wort and lavender, and more loves to add to the collection like calendula and nettle. In this way, everything will be better. COVID-19 is still taking hard swings at my small business, but we won't give up on this journey. 

If you were wondering, the whole USA is sad. Small businesses are bleeding out in every state, and hope is draining from the citizens of every town and city. There is so much fighting and hate flowing. And poor year 2020, did not ask for the blame of years of bubbling resentment and injustice. 

I had a great time when we got to the mountains away from everything. Returning to nature (even if it was for work), will fix a lot of perspective and fears. When I came back to Miami, I could feel how heavy the air was here. This is why I wish people could learn more about the healing effects of the bohemian lifestyle and the tools of apothecary and nature. 

Sure, it is extremely difficult to grow lavender in this Miami heat. Sure, being organic or a neo-hippie is not popular as partying or fancy things. This lifestyle may not be popular, but it can help everyone here. 

The bohemian lifestyle:

  • Clears your perspective on what is important
  • Teaches you how to connect with the planet
  • Helps you live a healthier lifestyle
  • Will show you how to love yourself and others
  • Teach you how to slow down for the moment

I've started online courses to teach apothecary and the bohemian lifestyle to others. It is my hope that it will bring us back together as a community or even start something new. 

Sign up for my next course here.

If you have any questions about how to make something you are struggling with or what herbs may help you with your health goals. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I will do my best to help. 

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