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Protection & Strength

Protection & Strength

Hello my angels, you need protection and strength to guard your precious energy. 

Black onyx is known to release negativity that is absorbed by the crystal and to protect people from the evil eye. Black Onyx is used to help others live in the present moment and let go of any negative energy. It helps you release any traumatic memories and leave it in the past. This stone promotes many wonderful powers such as increased intuition, balance, positivity and protection.  

This crystal also aids you in seperating yourself from people and habits that no longer serve you. If you are in a situation where you find yourself unhappy, it will cause endings with friendships and relationships that do not align with your purpose. It encourages you to change unhealthy habits and keep you focused on your goals. It releases stress and pushes you to make better decisions. Meditating with this crystal may be beneficial as it opens your eyes to better choices through dreams and visions. 

A black onyx crystal aligns your mind, body and spirit with the higher frequency of the universe. It may help you accelerate your manifestations. It protects you from any evil or paranormal spirits that do not have good intentions for your soul. Also, it makes you more conscious, focused and alert of your surroundings. This gemstone is used for strength and protection for anyone that is in need of its miraculous abilities.

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