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Skin Benefits of Patchouli - Everything you need to know about Patchouli

Skin Benefits of Patchouli - Everything you need to know about Patchouli

patchouli herbs what you need to know

Herb: Patchouli | Author: Christina

Pogostemon Cablin also known as Patchouli belongs to the Lamiaceae family, known as the mint family, that has over 7,000 species including popular herbs such as Lavender, Mint, Rosemary, and Sage. Patchouli’s native to Southeast Asia, not long after being introduced to the Europeans it made its way into the Western region. Fun fact, Patchouli was referred to as Pachai in south India meaning green leaf, this herb possesses great beneficial medicinal and aromatic properties.

Patchouli oil is typically extracted through steam distillation, followed by a mellow wood and earthy scent. The plant is composed of sesquiterpene compounds that assist in the plants ability to create a calming effect when applied or even through smell. In addition to Patchouli’s pleasant aromatic effects, it’s great for removing toxins from the body, aids in building a stronger immune system and prevents wounds from developing infections.

Patchouli’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects make it a powerful skin healer by promoting scar tissue formation in order to soothe inflammation. Furthermore, its antibacterial properties allow treatment for eczema, dandruff, acne, dermatitis, dry skin and psoriasis. Read below for more of Patchouli’s benefits!

Other benefits of Patchouli:

· Antiseptic (prevents infection)

· Cicatrizing (boosts healing of cuts and wounds)

· Relieves anxiety

· Strengthens and stimulates the immune system

· Soothes pain

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