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The Divine Feminine vs the Divine Masculine: Which One Are You?

The Divine Feminine vs the Divine Masculine: Which One Are You?

We all have the divine feminine and masculine within us. A quick disclaimer, these energies are not gender-inclusive. We tend to be more in tune with one rather than the other. The divine feminine is passionate, nurturing, and vulnerable. Whereas the divine masculine is assertive, courageous, and industrious. They say that part of the path to spiritual enlightenment is having a balance between the Masculine and Feminine. There are some things I want to focus on when it comes to these energies. The elements, yin and yang, and herbs and crystals.

The Divine Feminine: 

Earth and Water are the elements associated with The Divine Feminine. When it comes to the zodiac signs connected to these elements it would be Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. Terms associated with Earth signs are motherly and fertility, whereas terms associated with Water signs are graceful and purity. Speaking of zodiacs, in the Chinese zodiac, the feminine is associated with the Yin. Some qualities would be slowness, softness, and calmness. They also say that the Yin is seen as dark, which would be represented by the moon. 

The Divine Feminine vs The Divine Masculine

Now when it comes to crystals and herbs that are connected to the Divine Feminine, I would say Labradorite and Rosemary are my top choice. Labradorite is a crystal that is good for self-discovery, which is prominent when it comes to the Feminine. It's a stone that changes colors, like how the Feminine is changing and evolving within herself once she taps into the energy of finding herself. It is great for strengthening your intuition and consciousness.

The Divine Feminine vs The Divine Masculine

As for Rosemary, it is tied to fidelity. This means faithfulness, loyalty, and support. All traits of the Divine Feminine. You can drink Rosemary tea for healing and raising your vibration. Or, you can burn it to cleanse your space and your energy. You can even use Rosemary oil in a diffuser for relaxation and clearing your mind.

The Divine Masculine:

Fire and Air are the elements associated with The Divine Masculine. The zodiac signs associated with these elements are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Terms associated with Fire signs are passionate and power, whereas terms associated with Air signs are analytical and focus. In the Chinese zodiac, the masculine is associated with the Yang. Some qualities would be fast moving, activeness, and loudness. The Yang is seen as light, and is represented by the sun. 

The Divine Feminine vs The Divine Masculine

Crystals and herbs that are connected to the Divine Masculine would be Tiger's Eye and Ashwaghanda. Tiger's Eye is a great crystal for the Masculine. One of the things they are known for is being a protector, and this stone is great for protection within yourself. It is also great for focusing the mind, confidence, and prosperity.

The Divine Femine vs The Divine Masculine

As for Ashwaghanda, it's an amazing herb when it comes to focusing. It can help improve cognition and memory. It is also great for stress and anxiety, which can arise within people who have more masculine energy. The Masculine is always on the go. There is always the need to be doing something, and for that there needs to be focus so they don't burn out. You can take them as supplements or mix it into wellness smoothies.

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Thank you for this, and helping me to get in touch with that Masculine side and to see why it’s so dominant. At times I need to calm that side down and get in touch with my Femine side.

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