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The Ultimate Guide to Crystals

The Ultimate Guide to Crystals

Written By: Ines Maria

The Ultimate Guide to Crystals

In this New Age of Spirituality, Crystals have peaked an uprising of interest amongst many souls. These metaphysical tools can range from helping you manifest your dream job, healing an illness, or even meeting your soulmate. You may wonder - how could a little stone hold so much power? Each crystal has a different effect and intention when it comes to the mind, body, and soul connection. No crystal is the same, each one is on a different level and vibration of energy. And that's the beauty behind it.

How Do You Know Which Crystal Is For You?

If there is something specific in your life that you are seeking guidance for, I would recommend looking up crystals that are related towards those areas. Let's say you're looking to manifest love, easily Rose Quartz is the first thing that comes to mind. Or if you're looking to attract more wealth, Citrine would be a great one. And trust in knowing that there are many others crystals out there - maybe some that you never even heard of - that can assist you. 

My favorite way of purchasing new crystals is reaching for the ones I feel called to. Take your time to feel the energy of the crystal, see if it resonates with you or not. Every experience I have had doing this, when I find out what the intention behind the crystal is - it aligns with what I need in my life in that moment. Every. Single. Time. 

Zodiacs, Elements, and Chakras

The Ultimate Guide to Crystals

Each crystal is associated with zodiacs, elements, and chakras. Some crystals may only be tied to one in each category, and others are connected to multiple in each category.

There are twelve zodiacs. Aries (courageous and assertive), Taurus (sensual and down to earth), Gemini (youthful and intellectual), Cancer (loving and intuitive), Leo (confident and energetic), Virgo (reliable and passionate), Libra (charming and harmonic), Scorpio (determined and mystical), Sagittarius (adventurous and open-minded), Capricorn (loyal and ambitious), Aquarius (warming and innovative, and Pisces (compassionate and creative).

There are four elements. Fire represents passion, creativity, and determination. It focuses on the connection to personal power and confidence. Water, represents wisdom, refreshment, and purification. It focuses on intuition and inner reflection. Air represents life, knowledge, and imagination. It focuses on the overall connection within yourself and the Universe. Earth represents stability, logic, and nurture. It focuses on grounding and building inner strength,

There are seven chakras. Root or Muladhara (red) which helps you feel grounded and gives you a sense of security. Sacral or Svadisthana (orange) gives you confidence and allows you to feel stabilized. Solar Plexus or Manipura (yellow) allows sense of identity and purpose. Heart or Anahata (green) allows you to open your heart to love, forgiveness, and compassion. Throat or Vidhussi (blue) helps you to communicate and listen to others clearly. Third Eye or Ajna (indigo) provides wisdom and a deeper connection to spirituality, both internal and external. Crown or Sahasrare (violet, white) brings awareness to both human and spiritual self, it represents the divine and spiritual enlightenment of knowing you are a soul in a body enjoying this temporary human experience.

Where Do Crystals Originate From?

The first trace of the use of crystals goes all the way back to the ancient Babylonian era. They were used by the Ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia in the 4th millennium BC. These crystals were used for healing and in magical spells. Other early traces of crystals would be Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient China.

In Ancient Greece, Greek warriors would rub crystals on themselves before battles for protective energy. Amethyst had a big impact on the Greek culture. The name comes from "amethysos" which translates to "not drunken". The significance behind this is that it protected people from intoxication and inebriation. Another story behind the name Amethyst is from a young maiden named Amethyste who had became an object of the Greek God Dionysus, the God of fertility and wine. Amethyste was turned into white quartz for protection, and after Dionysus realized his regret towards her, he cried tears of wine. This stained the clear quartz turning it purple, leading us to the stone of Amethyst we know today.

In Ancient Egypt, crystals were worn by pharaohs and priests as jewelry for protection and health. Crystals were placed in crowns and amulets to help open the Third Eye Chakra. Some crystals were even used as cosmetic product. Lapis Lazuli was worn by Cleopatra as eyeshadow. Lapis Lazuli is seen as a symbol of royalty and honor, which is expected from its royal blue pigmentation.  This crystal allowed her to feel more powerful within her energy.

In Ancient China, crystals were use in traditional Chinese medicine. For example, people believed that mixing powered Jade with water would strengthens one vitality to live a longer life. Crystals are also tied to Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese traditional practice which uses energy force to create balance in your life and home. People would place crystals to invite protective and healing energies in different areas of their home. 

How Do You Use Crystals?

The Ultimate Guide to Crystals

Crystals can be used in an abundance of different ways. You can use them as jewelry like a necklace, ring, or bracelet. During meditation or yoga, include them in your practice. Carry them around in your purse or pocket. Create an altar in your room. There is no correct way to use crystals, so find what resonates with you. Use them to create the shift in your life you've been waiting for. 

Now that you've read this ultimate guide to crystals, it's time to access our one of a kind Crystal Dictionary to take your spiritual journey even further. Let us know which crystals resonate with you the most!


Crystal Origin Zodiac Chakra Element Meaning
Amazonite Brazil Virgo Throat, Heart Water Helps bring clarity and calm energy. Balances the feminine and masculine energies.
Amber Egypt Aquarius, Leo, Libra Solar Plexus, Sacral, Throat Fire Creates balance and stablity within self and surroundings. Cleanses the mind, body, and spirit.
Amethyst Brazil, Africa Aquarius, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces Crown, Third Eye Air Helps relieve stress and anxiety. Promotes serenity and protection. Balances emotions.
Angel Aura Quartz China Aries Crown Air Brings abundance of love and light. Provides protection, inner peace, and mental clarity.
Angelite Peru Aquarius, Gemini Throat, Third Eye, Crown Air Connect with guardian angels and spirit guides. Improves spirituality and awareness.
Apache Tears Arizona (Originally the Apache Tribe) Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn Root Earth, Fire Helps to help navigate grief and loss. Clears negative emotions.
Apatite Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka Gemini Throat Air Enhance insight, creativity, and learning. Strenghtens intuition and vision.
Aqua Obsidian Greece Pisces Root, Throat Water Helps with communication and blockages. Boosts insight and intuition.
Aquamarine Brazil, Africa Pisces Throat Water Connects us to higher consciouss and our higher selves. Inspires truth and clarity. Aids in letting go of what no longer serves us.
Aragonite Germany, Austria Capricorn Root Earth Increases energy. Boosts confidence. Helps aid in self-development.
Black Kyanite Appalachin Mountains, Brazil Aries Root Air Great for manifestation and meditation. Energizing and aura cleansing. Helps cut cords from negative energy.
Black Moonstone Sri Lanka, Southern India Cancer, Libra, Scorpio Crown Air Opens heart to accepting love within self and others. Helps connect to feminine energy (linked to fertlity and women's reproductive health).
Black Obsidian Iceland, Italy, USA Capricorn Root, Solar Plexus Earth, Water, Fire Used for protection to shield against negative energy. Stimulates growth within self. Brings clarity and clears confusion.
Black Onyx Uruguay, USA, Brazil, Africa, Peru Leo Root Earth Enhances discipline and motivation to carry out tasks and goals. Shields against negative energy. Helps to rid unhealthy habits.
Black Tourmaline Brazil, Africa Libra Root Earth Provides grounding and stablitiy. Shifts negative energy into positive.
Bloodstone Australia, Brazil, China, Africa Aries, Libra, Pisces Heart, Root Fire Breaks continuous cycles. Clears judgement and cloudiness. Aids in growth and moving forward.
Blue Agate South Africa Gemini, Pisces Throat, Heart Water Assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. Heals and builds strong emotional health.
Blue Aragonite China Capricorn Third Eye, Throat, Heart Water, Air Helps one become more open and vulnerable. Allows intuition and insight to strenghten emotions and spirituality.
Blue Calcite Mexico, USA, Britain, Iceland Cancer, Pisces Throat Fire, Air Increases vividness, imagery, and imagination. Lessens nerves and anxiety.
Blue Goldstone Italy Sagittarius Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root Earth, Fire Returns unwanted energy to sender. Helps in achieving goals and dreams.
Blue Howlite USA Virgo, Gemini Throat Earth Stimulates memory and knowledge. Assists in remembering dreams and receiving insight.
Blue Kyanite South Asia, Greece Gemini, Pisces Third Eye Water, Air Guides one on spiritual path. Creates better communication and self expression.
Brazil Amazonite Brazil, USA, Russia Virgo Heart Water Used to treat fatigue, trauma, negative energy within self. Provides healing and connection to divine feminine.
Brecciated Jasper Australia Aries, Scorpio Root, Sacral Fire Provides encouragement and motivation. Brings patience, love, and tolerance within self and others.
Bronzite Austria, South Africa, Greenland Leo Sacral Earth Increases self esteem. Gives strength to fight through battles. Promotes clarity of thoughts and actions.
Carnelian India Aries, Cancer Sacral Fire Stimulates empowerment and confidence. Helps with self-love and love within others. Promotes life and vitality
Citrine Russia, Africa Cancer Solar Plexus Fire Cultivates confidence and personal power. Attracts abundance and prosperity.
Chrysocolla Chile, France, Australia Taurus, Gemini, Virgo Throat, Heart Water Increases capacity to love. Encourages self awareness. Helps with reconciliation and reassurance.
Clear Quartz Brazil Gemini Crown Air Dispels negative energy and aura cleansing
Conglomerate Jasper Canada Gemini Root, Sacral Earth Allows one to feel more present and grounded. Helos one find harmony within self and others.
Crazy Lace Agate Mexico Gemini Third Eye, Crown Earth Promotes high vibrational energy. Balances yin and yang within body. Enhances inner and physical strength.
Crocodile Jasper Africa Libra, Pisces, Scorpio Heart Fire Soothes nerves and state of mind. Opens one to receiving and giving love.
Dalmatian Jasper Mexico Virgo, Gemini Sacral, Root Earth Brings out inner child energy. Allows one to relax and regenerate.
Desert Jasper Africa Capricorn, Leo Root Fire Inspires creativity and passion. Helps guide one towards sense of self.
Dragonstone Japan Gemini, Sagittarius Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat Water, Air, Earth Helps set clear intentions. Gives heart power, courage, and love.
Dumortierite France Scorpio, Leo Throat, Third Eye Air Assists with studying, working, focusing, etc. Keeps one moving forward on path to highest self.
Emerald Colombia, Africa, Brazil Cancer, Taurus, Gemini Heart Earth Promotes unconditional love within self and others. Allows one to surroundings in a positive light.
Fancy Agate USA Gemini Heart, Root Earth Brings prosperity and luck. Cleanses and stabilzes aura. Enhances feeling of love.
Fire Agate Mexico Scorpio, Gemini Sacral Fire Inspires change and routine. Helps attract and enhance love.
Garnet Africa, India, Russia Capricon Root, Heart Fire Creates transformation and transmutation. Allows one to become more self expressive and break away from stagnant energy.
Golden Sunstone Norway Libra Sacral Fire Enhances joy and vitality. Lifts up the mind, body, and soul. Linked to luck and fortune.
Green Agate Italy Gemini, Virgo Heart Earth Improves self confidence and self esteem. Helps to make decisions and dispute issues.
Green Aventurine India Libra, Taurus, Virgo Heart Earth Promotes growth within self. Helps release old patterns and habits. Renews optimism and motivation.
Green Calcite Mexico, Brazil Cancer, Virgo Heart Earth Brings purpose, positivity, and vitality into one's life. Encourages forgiveness and compassion.
Green Kyanite Sweden Leo, Taurus Heart Earth Creates strength with mind, body, soul connection. Brings calming energy to self and surroundings.
Gray Quartz Africa Gemini Root Earth Transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Brings sense of security and strength.
Hematite North America Aries, Aquairus Root Fire, Earth Assists in grounding and protection. Clears mind of stress, fear, and worry.
Honey Calcite Mexico Leo Third Eye Air, Fire Increases feelings of self worth and confidence. Helps overcome blockages and challenges.
Howlite Canada Virgo, Gemini Third Eye Air Promotes stillness and mindfulness. Creates awareness within self.
Iolite Sri Lanka, Africa Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus Throat, Third Eye Water Aids process of connecting with angels and guides. Removes feelings of disoreintation and lack of motivation.
Kiwi Jasper New Zealand Aries, Sagittarius, Leo Heart Fire Enhances tranquility, peace, and relaxation. Offers strength and support.
Labradorite Canada Leo Third Eye, Crown Water Creates mental clarity and transformation within self. Shields negative energy from outside sources.
Lapis Lazuli Egypt Sagittarius, Libra Throat, Third Eye Water Enhances widsom, power, and inner vision. Allows one to speak inner truth.
Larimar Dominican Republic Leo, Pisces Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown Water Increases speech and communication skills. Soothes stress and anxiety within self.
Larvikite Norway, Canada Aquarius, Cancer Root, Third Eye Water Aids with inner transformation and change. Removes toxic and negative energies.
Lava Stone Italy Aries, Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer Root Fire, Earth Strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. Alleviates anxiety and worries. Rids anger and fear.
Leopardite Africa Virgo, Leo, Scorpio Solar Plexus Fire, Earth Promotes unity, love, and kindness. Attracts abundance and success in work and school.
Lepidolite Brazil, Japan, Africa Libra Heart, Third Eye Water Creates harmony within mind, body, and soul. Allows one to open mind and heart.
Malachite Africa, Mexico, Russia Capricorn, Scorpio Heart Earth Aids in protection and steering away negative energy. Assists in transformation and change in one's life. Allows one to recognize and use their power.
Mankind Obsidian Japan Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio Root Fire, Earth Helps steer away from unhealthy emotions and habits. Brings clairty to self. Allows one to live in present moment and let go of the past.
Moldavite Czech Republic Aquarius, Scorpio, Capricorn Heart, Third Eye, Crown Spirit Aids in spiritual and personal transformation. Releases all that no longer serves self. Allows growth to take place. Disclaimer: Do not purchase Moldvaite without doing extensive research.
Moonstone Sri Lanka Gemini Third Eye, Solar Plexus Water Creates connection to the divine feminine. Allows one to feel stress free and balanced.
Moss Agate Central Europe, USA, Uruguay, Brazil Gemini Heart Earth, Water Promotes new beginnings. Encourages sense of tranquility and emotional balance. Attracts abudance and growth.
Natural Agate Grece Gemini All All Helps strenghtens friendships and relationships. Harmonizes yin and yang energy.
Natural Fluorite China, South Africa Pisces Heart, Throat, Third Eye Air, Water Cleanses and stablizes aura. Increases concentration and confidence. Acts as spiritual detoxification.
Nephrite Jade China Virgo Heart Earth Allows one to embark on spiritual and physical journeys. Brings strength and healing to self.
Ocean Jasper Africa Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces Solar Plexus, Heart Water Helps one to let go and detach. Balances emotions. Brings optimism and uplifting energy.
Onyx India, South America Leo, Capricorn Root Earth Creates self control. Rids impulsivity and negativity. Enhances discilpine and boundaries.
Opalite Africa, Brazil Libra, Cancer, Scorpio. Pisces Third Eye, Crown Water Instills one with peace and reassurance. Allows one to feel light and calm. Enhances intuition and knowledge.
Orange Calcite Mexico, Canada, South America Cancer Solar Plexus, Sacral Fire Allows one to feel connected to self and others. Aids in buidling confidence and motivation. Connects one to energy of inner child.
Picture Jasper Africa, Brazil Leo, Virgo, Capricorn Root Fire Alliviates fear and doubt. Enhances one's creativity and consciousness. Encourages harmony, creativy, and self expression.
Pink Botswana Africa Gemini, Scorpio Throat, Sacral Water Helps heal and release emotional issues. Promotes inner stability and confidence within self. Allows one to balance emotions and thoughts.
Pink Calcite Mexico Libra Heart Earth Attracts love within self and others. Helps with healing from any form of emotional trauma.
Pink Tourmalline China Libra Heart Water Allows one to face fears with ease. Promotes better listening and understanding. Promotes of energy of uncondtional love.
Purple Agate Mexico, Brazil Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Third Eye Air Brings good luck and fortune. Enhances positive change in one's spritiual, emotional, and physical being.
Pyrite Peru, Spain, Mexico Leo Solar Plexus Earth, Fire Stimulates intellect and enhances memory. Removes negativity and toxicity. Keeps one pure and true to self.
Rainbow Fluorite Brazil, China Capricorn, Pisces Third Eye, Heart Air Assits with focus and clear thinking. Links the human mind to universal consciousness. Allows one to see things with clairty.
Rainbow Hematite Brazil Aquarius, Aries Crown Fire, Earth Dissolves low vibrations. Increases one's energy and sense of self. Absorbs negative thoughts turning them into positive ones.
Rainbow Moonstone Sri Lanka, India, Mexico Cancer, Libra, Scorpio Crown Water Enhances creativity and compassion. Brings mental clarity to move forward on one's path. Assists in finding answers and truth quickly.
Ruby Thailand, USA Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius Root Earth Attracts wealth and prosperity. Inspires emotion, love, and power. Revitalizes energy in body. Builds self confidence.
Red Blood Agate Brazil Aries, Scorpio Root, Sacral Fire Provides sense of security and protection. Brings more passion and affection in love.
Red Goldstone Italy Sagittarius Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Fire, Earth Assists with confidence and ambition. Gives faith and allows one to keep pushing forward. Promotoes vitality and healing energy.
Red Jasper Egypt Scorpio, Libra Sacral, Root Earth Provides comfort and reassurance. Helps strengthen sexual expression and energy.
Rhodochrosite Romania Scorpio, Leo Heart, Solar Plexus Fire, Water Stimulates love and passion. Frees blockages within self. Assists in healing unresolved issues and traumas.
Rhodonite Russia Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius Heart, Root Fire, Earth Helps with self love and stepping into your power. Assists in setting boundaries with self and relationships.
Rhyolite New Zealand, Germany, Iceland Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius Solar Plexus Earth Allows one to accept true self. Assits in fulfilling one's goals and passions. Strenghtens mind, body, soul connection.
Rose Quartz Brazil, Madagascar, USA Taurus, Libra, Scorpio Heart Water Enhances love in all areas of life. Invites in compassion and sincerity. Heals emotional wounds and traumas.
Rutilated Quartz Australia, Norway, Brazil Leo, Taurus, Gemini Solar Plexus Fire, Air Fosters clairty and mindfulness. Promotes spiritual growth and learning. Amplifies one's intentions and emotions.
Sarodynx Sri Lanka Leo, Aries Root Fire Brings happiness and stability to one's relationships. Improves perception and communcation.
Selenite Morocco, Australia, Utah Gemini, Cancer Crown, Third Eye Air Provides connection and protection in life. Cleanses energy within self and surroundings. Brings clarity and enhances intuition.
Septarian Madagascar, Utah Taurus Root Earth Assits with feelings of joy and understanding. Establishes patience and tolerance. Protects emotional, spiritual, and physical health.
Smoky Quartz Africa, Australia Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root Earth Releases stagnant energies that no longer serves one. Nagivates one through challenging and difficult situations.
Snowflake Obsidian South and North America Virgo Third Eye, Root Earth Allows old feelings to rise to heal from. Attracts good fortune, health, and wealth.
Spotted Agate USA Capricorn Root Earth Enhances concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. Provides grounding and stabiility within self.
Strawberry Quartz Russia, Kazakhstan Libra Heart, Root, Sacral Fire Guides in self and unconditional love. Leads one towards their actual path. Blocks energy that is not serving towards one's higher good and purpose.
Stromatolite Morocco, Australia Pisces Root Earth Assists in healing and transforming emotions. Helps find one's life purpose and meaning.
Sunstone Sri Lanka, Mexico Libra, Leo Solar Plexus, Sacral Fire Allows one to be more open and receiving. Balances masculine and feminine energies to find personal power.
Teal Agate Italy Gemini Throat Water, Earth Creates balance and harmony in body. Removes negativity and anger. Raises awareness and consciousness within self.
Thousand Eye Jasper China Leo Root Earth Brings protection and grounding. Helps control thoughts and focus. Creates higher vibrations within self.
Tigers Eye South Africa Leo, Capricorn Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root Fire, Earth Grows confidence, strength, and courage. Prohibits self sabotaging tendencies. Provides protection and security.
Tree Agate Brazil, Mexico Virgo Heart, Root Earth Promotes inner peace and serenity. Calms down nerves and stress.
Turquoise Howlite Canada, USA, Turkey Scorpio Throat Water Encourages communication and expression.
Unakite USA Scorpio Heart Earth Enables understanding and remembrance of dreams. Aids in patience and tolerance. Calms overactive mind.
Vesuvianite Italy Sagittarius, Capricorn Heart, Solar Plexus Earth Brings clarity to mind. Rids negative thought patterns and habits. Provides understanding and mindfulness.
White Agate USA Gemini Crown Earth Promotes courage and trust. Provides balance and harmony within self and surroundings.
White Howlite Nova Scotia, Germany, Turkey Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio Crown Air Attracts fortune and positivity. Opens door to new opportunities. Fills heart with and love happiness.
Yellow Jasper Africa, Brazil, India Leo, Gemini, Capricorn Solar Earth Creates mental clarity and strength. Inspires new interests and relationships. Brings joy and tranquility.


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