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The Witch's Fair at Flying With Air

The Witch's Fair at Flying With Air


The Witch's Fair At Flying With Air


Calling all lovers of Witchy things and Halloween...

You are invited to The Witch's Fair. October 21st at Flying With Air, we are hosting the Halloween event that you CAN'T miss. This is an experience curated by our team for you guys to tap into that Witch energy and have a night to remember. This blog is your personal guide to what to expect for the Witch's Fair. 

To kick off the fun, we will be having a 30% off sale storewide from 7-8pm. This is your chance to stock up on those goodies (for yourself or for the holiday season right around the corner). Our team will be around to help you and answer all and any questions regarding purchases and services we will be offering throughout the night. 

Free Entry, Ticket Required. RSVP Now!

Spooky Events:

Mermaid Photo Booth: Have you ever wanted to meet a Mermaid? Well, here's your chance. This experience is one you can capture on your phones or with a lovely polaroid photo to take home to remember the night. 

Witch's Potions: You will be able to create your own personalized sachet for either Love, Money, or Protection - guided by our own in house Alchemist. These are the perfect tool to help guide you on your journey for what it is you're seeking to attract. 

Pumpkin Painting Contest: There will be two pumpkin painting contests, 11 & Older and 10 & Under. Our contestants will be competing for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize! 

Halloween Costume Contest: We will be having another contest for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize for whoever has the best Halloween costume! 

Raffle Contest: ONE (1) lucky winner will be walking away with THE biggest prize of the night!

*All Winners for Contests will be announced at 9:45pm*

The Witch's Fair at Flying With Air

Witchy Events:

Reiki: This practice is one of energetic movement transferred through the healer's hands - helping you heal on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Reiki is restorative, giving your body simple balance of spiritually guided universal life force - present in everything. 

Spiritual Life Coaching: This is your time to gain an understanding of how important the role you play in this Universe is. A Spiritual Life Coach can help you tap into your spiritual gifts, allowing you to use them into your daily practices to help you create the life you desire and deserve. 

Sound Bath: During your sound bowl session, your aura will be cleansed and your chakras will be aligned. It is a meditative experience where you will experience the frequency, sounds, and waves from the singing bowls in a healing way. 

Pendulum Reading: Allow the movement of the pendulum to answer your questions with the assistance of your spirit guides. The crystal pendulum acts as tool of divination for spiritual and energy guidance. 

Oracle Reading: This reading will guide you in the current phase and events of your life, giving you the idea of the big picture. Your angels/spirit guides help you focus on the present, supporting your mental and spiritual health. 

Tarot Reading: Gain insight on the present, past, or future with getting a tarot reading done. The cards will reveal the answers you've been waiting to hear from metaphysical guides. Tarot is a sacred and mystical tool that will help you on your spiritual journey. 

Druid Oracle Reading: Tap into the energy of your animal guides to bring insight and guidance into your life. They aid in further developing your spiritual powers and enhancing your knowledge. 

Spiritual Energy Cleansing: Varying from healing stones, herbs, and oils - a cleansing will be curated to release all and any energy that no longer serves you. This is a reset - to bring your mind, body, and soul back into alignment. 

The Witch's Fair at Flying With Air


Crystals 101: This class will teach you what you need to know about crystals. They come in a variety of  shapes, colors, properties, and meanings. But, what do they mean? What can they do for you? We're here to help you. 

Herbs 101: Coming in different forms, herbs are a tool that can be used in various forms on your healing journey. Drink them in your tea, use them in spells, or even an alternative use to medicine. Take this class to learn how herbs can help you heal. 

Which Witch Are You?: Tap into your witch energy and find out which type of witch you are with our quiz! Keep a tally of your answers, and at the end it will be revealed which type of Witch you embody most. 

Meditation Circle: You will be guided through a deep and spiritual meditation, along with sacred breath work. Set your intention, and be met with healing and clarity. This workshop is a reminder that everything is working out best case scenario, and the Universe is in your favor. 

The Witch's Fair at Flying With Air

 And to send you off, we will be having a ceremonial blessing to bring in abundance, manifestations, peace, and protection. We hope to see you at The Witch's Fair! 

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