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What are the benefits of Eucalyptus?

What are the benefits of Eucalyptus?

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Hello, my fellow herb lovers, did you know that eucalyptus leaves help with your overall physical and mental health?  Eucalyptus is a very unique and exquisite tree. The flowers on these trees are very interesting looking fluffy bursts of color, similar to a dandelion flower. The unique part about them is that they have no petals, only hundreds of stamens coming up from a central cone-like bud. Eucalyptus is a large genus plant related to about 700 Myrtaceae species of shrubs and trees. Myrtaceae trees are native to the Australian and Tasmanian regions. Eucalyptus is grown in many countries around the world due to its beneficial uses, they have valuable timber and its leaves are used to make essential oils. 


Benefits of eucalyptus

 Have you ever smelled eucalyptus? Eucalyptus is famous for its fresh scent and relaxing aromas, which is commonly used in selfcare products including soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, candles and aromatherapy. Eucalyptus is used for its leaves to help with promoting mental clarity, allergies, cold sores, cough, congestion and pain relief. Some individuals add eucalyptus to their shower steam to help promote relaxation and blood flow. 


Products we have that contain eucalyptus

  • Eucalyptus essential oil 
  • Eucalyptus leaves 
  • Headache salve


Disclaimer we are not physicians we do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure any diseases or conditions we advise to consult with your primary health care specialist or physician before changing your dietary prescription or medical routine.



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