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What is selenite and how do I use it?

What is selenite and how do I use it?

Welcome my lovely bohemian and witchy friends, today we are discussing selenite. During the ancient times, selenite has been used by practitioners of crystal healing. The name selenite originates from the Greek word for moon. Selenite is  a beautiful crystal known for its healing abilities and mystical properties. Selenite can help cleanse and rid your body and mind of negative energy. Being within the presence of selenite alone can ground your energy. Selenite has many properties, as it brings mental clarity and peace to your mind. It also has protective properties to shield you from psychic attacks. Selenite helps release suffering from mental anguish or confusion when placed on the top of your head. This crystal is excellent in aiding you for decision making and understanding certain situations as it boosts your problem-solving skills. 
Selenite is also a powerful tool to heighten your intuition, flexibility and emotional well-being. It provides you with powerful instincts when using the crystal. It is incredibly beneficial during meditation. Selenite helps activate the third eye and crown chakra. You can put selenite on your body and near your crystals to cleanse the energy. Selenite is especially useful during the periods in life when you are feeling drained and exhausted. Regularly using selenite can increase the energy flow in your body and clear some of your essential glands. If you choose to combine it with garnet, it can help remove those blockages by clearing bad energies and removing toxins.
Selenite is useful in helping to heal various psychical conditions. For example, selenite helps women who struggle with fertility issues. When you place the selenite wand on your stomach daily as you repeat positive affirmations, it will improve the chance of fertility. It is widely believed that it will provide an extra layer of protection to unborn children and mothers to be throughout their pregnancy. Also, selenite is effective in helping to heal certain diseases, like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It decreases the chances of seizures and epilepsy, as it also aids in aligning the spine. It helps in the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and calcium in the body, which is good for your general health. Overall, selenite is highly vibrational as it symbolizes spirituality and pure light. 

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