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What should I do after the next US president is elected?

 Truth be told—it does not matter how strong you are, this year has been tough for all of us. Some of us are staring at screens anxiously waiting to see who is going to be our next national leader - who is going to be our next president. 


Despite what the challenges of this year would like you to believe, pain is only temporary. Take it from a survivor of some of the worst circumstances life can throw at you. 


Most of the time, we will not make the changes we need in order to be happy. Now, you have probably heard this before, so let me take it a step further:


  1. It does not matter who wins the presidential candidacy. There I said it, now let me explain further. It does not matter who wins because we individually have the responsibility to promote the positive change we desire to see in our government. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves about our local and federal government officials. It is our responsibility to vote and write to our officials like our lives depend on it. Remember, we do not answer to the president. The president answers to us -no matter who sits in office.
  2. A lot of us will stay in relationships that do not serve us or rob us of happiness. Have you ever stayed in a relationship with someone because you felt obligated to stay? Maybe you felt the need to rationalize poor decision making because of other people involved or their opinions of you. The relationship could be loveless or even toxic, destroying not only your happiness but breaking down your spirit and soul. In truth, if you are destroying your happiness and breaking down your spirit, you are no longer the best version of yourself. Now, how can you grow and take care of the ones you love, if you are not in the right state of mind to show up for them?
  3. Many of us will not take the next step in our career or passions because it is uncharted territory, so we trick ourselves into believing it is better to stay to what we know. Recently, I have had many difficult decisions in my career. As a small business owner, obstacles like the current economic crisis have had me feeling like I was climbing a ladder in a wake of a hurricane -entirely unsure if the next rung was there or if it would break when I grabbed it. With my staff, I have had to repeat these words, “I do not know all the answers, but I promise to always be clear on what we are doing next.” Saying those words may provide some comfort in the moment, but in the end we are all in uncharted territory. So, if you are too afraid to make the next move, you will drown in that hurricane. Do not be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not making a decision.


You have to believe that change and progress can happen in all aspects of your life. The margin for error is as small as making one incorrect decision, but being indecisive is always incorrect. This is something we even learned in grade school. If you don't fill in the blank circle, the answer is always marked incorrect. So, if you voted and filled in that blank circle with your choice, then you should know the test is not over.


I'm sending you strength, mental clarity, good vibes, & love, 

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