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Why your won't candle stay lit- and how to fix it!

Why your won't candle stay lit- and how to fix it!

Here are our top 3 tips to get the best results from your candles:

1) The first light is the important 

Did you know your intention candles have a memory? They develop burning patterns so most of the time if your candle starts to have a dome shape or not stay lit it is because you didn't let it stay lit long enough the first time.

Your candle needs enough burning time to have the melted wax reach all the way to the edge of the container - this can take up to 2-5 hours, depending on candle shape and size.

If you do not do this it can develop a tunnel or a dome and that's not the pretty even burn you wish to see in a candle. 

The oxygen becomes cut off when it develops the tunnel and your wick will not stay lit. 

This is especially important for jar candles!

If you have already developed the dome problem then you might want to look at tip number 3.

This candle needs more time to burn to edges:

My candle won’t stay lit

 This is correct. All the wax is to the outer edge.

2) Keep your wood or soy wick trimmed short and free of burned ends

Country to what most people e believe shorter wicks are better than long wicks for even burns. Wax is actually what keeps a candle burning -not the wick!

If you need to cut your wood or soy wick flower cutters or small scissors (like the ones you use for trimming your eyebrows) are best. Other options are nail clippers or pinching off charred parts. 

3) How to fix a candle that won't stay lit

Okay, so if you candle is not staying lit due to the dome effect or cut off oxygen flow here's how to fix it. 

If your candle will stay lit for a little while, try resetting the candle memory by letting it extend the melted wax to the edges. If the wax is snuffing out the candle then you can pour some out to help the candle reset its candle memory. Be careful not to burn yourself and use a trash can for the excess wax. the wick may go out during this time but that's okay because it will stay lit longer the next time it is lit. (There is more oxygen flow.) The flame's height may vary for a little while but it is still resetting the wax. 

Another method is to use a spoon to scoop out the excess wax drowning your candle.

If neither of these work, you can scrap out the excess wax on the edges of the jar. This is a last resort type of thing though. 


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