My Whimsical Baby Blue Faux Scarf

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We are living in the time in which our whimsical dreams are becoming a reality. We are learning some much about one another including fixing intergenerational relations, systemic racism and climate change. This scarf is my physical representation that our "fluffy and reaching for the sky" dreams can become a reality.


  • Faux Fur in Solid Shaggy Baby Blue Color

  • Gold Trimming on the tails of the scarf

  • Very soft and cozy

  • Great as a fall or winter scarf

2 Variations:

The Gold Trimming scarf is 9 inches in width.
The Cream Circle Trimming scarf is 6 inches in width.

Both scarves are the same length. They are very cozy and soft for layering or lounge wear.

Watch full creation video below. Baby Blue Faux Fur Warm Scarf w/ Gold Trimming | Fluffy Solid Shaggy Boho Chic for Winter or Fall



Screen color may slightly change the appearance of the photo. The scarf is a light blue.