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Herbal Starter Kit (Live Online)

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Are you eager to start your herbal journey? There are literally hundreds of medicinal herbs, so we understand how it can be pretty overwhelming when you start the journey. This class is divided into four sections to make starting your journey much easier, and thus eliminating the stress. After all, starting your apothecary cabinet should be fun!

We will cover: 

  • 10 popular herbs for the new to apothecary
  • The tools you will need for starter apothecary kit
  • The differences between oils, salves, lotions and tinctures
  • Best apothecary books for the beginner apothecary
  • Things to avoid when building your apothecary


Once enrolled, you will receive a few emails from us. The first will be a confirmation of your order. Then you will receive a class reminder email 48 hours in advance. This email will include any PDFs of the lesson notes or for some classes the ingredient list (if the ingredient kit was not purchased at order.) So, check your settings to make sure emails are not being filtered incorrectly. 

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