Herbalism 102

Herbalism 102

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Herbalism 102 Class
This class is a beginner level course focusing on the gardening, cultivation and harvesting the important aspects of a starter herb garden. Classes are available in person in Miami, Florida and live online. 

What does it do?
We will teach you the first steps in beginning your herb garden journey. This class is designed to cover the initial needs of an herb garden.

How does it work?
This one hour and twenty minute duration class will cover a variety of beginner herbalism topics including:

  • Understanding the Commitment of an Herb Garden
  • How to Plan the Location and Layout of Your Herb Garden
  • What Materials are Needed to Start Your Herb Garden
  • Composting
  • Fertilizing Herbs
  • Garden Insects
  • The Different Agricultural Zones
  • What Herbs Can You Grow in Your Geographical Region
  • The Growing Season
  • The Harvest Season
  • The Spiritual Aspect of Growing an Herb Garden
  • How to Honor Your Plant
  • What Type of Herbs are Best for a Beginner Gardeners
  • Recommended Books for Beginner Herbal Gardens

Before Our Class

  • LIVE IN PERSON MIAMI: We will email you to work with you on scheduling your class.
  • LIVE ONLINE: We will email you to work with you on scheduling your class then send a ZOOM link for the class.
  • LIVE ONLINE GROUP CLASS: You will receive an email within 24 hours with a list of Herbalism 101 group class options and a code to enter the class of your choice. 

The Day of the Class

The only tools you will need is a pen and notepad. You will receive a PDF document for the information we cover during the class. We will have demonstrate herbs and apothecary tools. It is an option to purchase materials from us after the class if you choose.

Want to Schedule a Group Class?
Maximum of 16 participants. If you want to have a private group class please email us at info@flyingwithair.com

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