Herbs 101 (Live Online)

Herbs 101 (Live Online)

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Have you been wanting to start your journey in understanding and identifying herbs. In this class, we will cover 15 popular herbs and how they are beneficial for your mental health, immune system, sleep issues, emotional health and more. We will also cover how each of these herbs can be part of your daily life and apothecary recipes. 
This class is for the beginner enthusiast who is just starting their herbalist or apothecary journey. 


We understand some people learn best when they have the option to touch, feel and smell the herbs they are learning about. There is an option to purchase the herbal ingredient package separately. If you choose to order the package, please note you will need to order it ten days in advance in order to have it ready for the class.  If you do not need the physical herbs, you can still participate in this class without them. 

Optional Herbal Ingredient Package - Total $18.00:

.15 oz Lavender Petals,  .50 oz Rosemary. .50 oz Dandelion Root, .15 oz Nettles Leaf ,.15 oz Red Rose Petals, .15 oz Calendula , .25 oz Helichysum Flower , .75 oz Hawthorne Berries, .50 oz Marshmallow Root 

Optional items include hot water or glass jars. 

Once purchased you will receive a meeting ZOOM link to join us via email. Our emails are sent out 48 hours before along with a PDF handout.

Maximum of 16 participants. If you want to have a private group class please email us at info@flyingwithair.com