Private Workshop

Private Workshop

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Private One to One Class or Workshop
If you have been wanting to expand your herbalism, crystals, self care or spirituality journey join us in one of our amazing one to one private workshops.

What does it do?
We will teach and share with you the first steps in beginning and expanding your journey with the topic of your choice.

How does it work?



Choose a category of your private workshop class. Categories include:

- Herbalism

- Gardening

- Crystals

- Spirituality

- Self Care


In the order notes, share what you are seeking to gain during the one hour private class. For example, if you choose the category crystals you may add to your order notes you are wanting to learn about cleansing, charging and programming crystals.


Look for an email from us on available times for your one to one workshop. We will give you three times in the upcoming week we are available. You may also email us your availability at Subject line: [Your last name] Scheduling Workshop

      The Day of the Class

      The only tools you will need is a pen and notepad. You will receive a PDF document for the information we cover during the class. We will have demonstrate herbs, crystals or apothecary tools. It is an option to purchase materials from us after the class if you choose with a 10% discount until the doors are closed for the night.

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