Herb & Crystal Money & Abundance Gardener Candle

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Herb & Crystal Money & Abundance Candle
A soy, vegan friendly scented candle curated with herbs and crystal to achieve your money, abundance and wealth goals and manifestations.

What does it do?

Each herb, oil, crystal and mineral was carefully selected as its properties carried an element of love, romance or passion. This herbal remedy includes aloe, rosemary, patchouli, and chamomile as well as the abundance manifestation crystals of citrine and pyrite. Additionally, we cleanse all of our products with both white sage blessings and reiki healing before sending out for delivery. 

How does it work?

Burn the candle while setting your intention and manifestation. The candle will burn will releasing this intention into the universe. Feel free to keep any of the crystals as keepsakes after the candle has been burned. You can also keep the candle without burning it in the heart of your home to use the transcending fluent energy instead. Never leave candles unattended.


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