Collection: Moldavite

Currently, we have moldavite pieces available ranging from 2-9 grams. We directly source our moldavite from a museum located in the heart of the Czech Republic to ensure its authenticity. For an additional fee, we can obtain a certificate of authenticity for your piece. Several of these pieces would create lovely moldavite stone jewelry pieces and could be crafted into a necklace, earrings or ring by a skilled jeweler. 

Moldavite is no longer in production. The pieces in circulation now are the only ones available. You can expect your moldavite piece to increase dramatically in value over upcoming years if they continue the discontinued manufacturing. We do not keep our moldavite collection in store, so the only way to view our selection is by making an appointment.

Find the physical and metaphysical healing moldavite properties within the listings. The moldavite affirmation is: " I open myself to spiritual transformation and celestial wisdom." If you are seeking a moldavite alternative search labradorite or malachite on our website.