organic rose oil

Rose Massage Oil

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Rose oil is one of skin's best friends. Rose oil can hydrate, reduce acne, prevent premature aging, reduce scars, and provide relief to eczema.

An organic based approach to a blissful massage session, our organic rose massage oil if created with a holistic and vegan mindset. We created this oil blend with fresh Rosa centifoila flowers.

With this blend our oil will be friendly for anyone with skin sensitivity or nut allergies. Additionally, since we have no added artificial scents to this oil blend it is a great option for individuals that are sensitive to strong aromas. You'll receive all the calming and nourishing ingredients to massage away the stresses of the day.

We can provide bulk orders for salons, boutiques and spas. Please email us directly for these requests. 

1 fl oz, 2 fl oz or 16 fl oz

Ingredients: Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil

Typical ways to use this product:

1. Add a couple drops to your aromatherapy diffuser

2. Heat oil buy tea light

3. Add to your daily wellness routine