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Flying with Air

Breathwork Healing Session

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Breathwork Healing Session

During breathwork, your breathing pattern is intentionally changed to promote mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

What does it do?
Sessions will teach you to breath consciously, with awareness and intent – known as Pranayama. Breathing techniques are tools for transformation throughout the body, mind and spirit. 

How does it work?
Your healer's breathwork session will move built up stagnant energy, transmute unprocessed emotions and reconnect you with your Chi.

How does scheduling work?

During checkout, please feel free to add good times and days for scheduling your session. Most of our healing sessions take place on the beach for optimal energy healing.

    The Day of the Session

    Before the class come with an intention and open mind. You may want to bring a blanket or towel that makes you feel comfortable. Also, feel free to bring any crystals to help with your session.

    Want to Schedule a Group Session?
    If you want to have a private group session please email us at