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Chakra Alignment Smudge Spray

Chakra Alignment Smudge Spray

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Chakra Alignment Cleansing Spray

Our chakra balance spray is a collection of herbal extracts dedicated to each of the seven chakras along with moon water to provide complete chakra balance and realignment. This spray is great for reiki masters, a yoga studio and meditation practices.

What does it do?
Balances and realigns chakra and energy through aromatherapy.

How does it work?
Spray the cleansing energy detox as needed while setting a positive intention. White sage is the best known master herb for blessing as well as clearing out the negativity in an area. Basil is known as a purifier for both the mind, body and soul. Citrine promotes wellness, joy, happiness and overall vibrational energy of a home or office. The energy of the full moon is transferred to help set your intentions and promote goodness and peace in for you.



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