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Complete 6 Smudge Set

Flying with Air

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Complete Smudge Set Kit w/ White Sage, Rosemary, Yerba Santa, Juniper, Cedar & Palo Santo
Smudging is a popular practice across several cultures and has been around for thousands of years. We've combined the different variations of environment and home smudging into one affordable and gift ready box.

What does this smudge kit include?
The smudge includes six different variations of smudging and home purification including white sage, rosemary, yerba santa, juniper, cedar and palo santo. Each smudge is approx 4" in length. The smudges are presented in our Flying with Air environment friendly personalized box. 

Individual Item Box Value: $48.00 before tax!!!

How does it work?
To cleanse a home from airborne bacteria or negative influence you will want to have a door or open window nearby. Sage naturally has a very clean and earthy scent, and can produce a very powerful aroma. A single smudge stick should last at least a few sessions as it will burn to a stopping point. As always for safety, do not leave anything lit unattended in your home. We recommend using a shell or ceramic bowl for easy clean up of remaining ashes.