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Flying with Air

Moldavite Selection #8 - 3g

Moldavite Selection #8 - 3g

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Polished Moldavite aka Moldavian Tektite Crystal

We currently have 56 pieces of authentic moldavite available at Flying with Air. 

The size and shape may vary between different moldavite pieces. This listing is for the piece pictured. 

GRAM WEIGHT: ~3 grams

What does it do?
Moldavite crystal gemstone is known for intense frequency and high vibration for wish fulfillment properties.

  • rapid spiritual transformation
  • sent to earth to transcend its current state to a higher purpose
  • evolutional healing
  • psychic protection
  • brings forth unconditional love
  • connect you with the extraterrestrial 
  • opens third eye chakra
  • intensifies physical senses

Please note, moldavite is extremely rare and powerful. It is becoming more rare and is expected to triple in price in the next 10 years due to the discontinue of production and mining in the Czech Republic.

Crystals must be cleansed before use. We cleanse our crystals with white sage smudging and Epsom salt. We suggest when you receive your crystals, that you do the same for at least one week. Once cleansed, we recommend adding your crystal to the meditative practice or bringing it with you to one of our energy healing sessions.

Schedule an Appointment

If you would like to see your piece before purchasing in store. You may create an appointment with us. Due to security reasons, we can show you up to three pieces per appointment. There is a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit for appointments. This deposit can be used toward your moldavite piece or as store credit for other merchandise. 

Appointments can only be made at our Sunny Isles Square location.

Please note, you do not have to schedule an appointment to secure your Moldavite. You can directly purchase from the website. We do not keep our moldavite collection in store, so the only way to view our selection is by making an appointment. 

Discount & Return Policy

- We do not accept returns, exchanges or distribute refunds for our moldavite pieces. They are final sale.

- Promo codes and discounts may not be used on moldavite orders. We will cancel these orders, return your funds and notify you if you attempt to checkout with a discount code. 

- We are not offering any bulk or wholesale options for moldavite pieces at this time.




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