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Attract Love Intention Bottle

Flying with Air

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Attract Love Intention Bottle
Attract Love Intention Bottle from the Flying with Air collection is a spiritual herbal item curated with herbs tied to increasing love and attraction in the owner's life. We use all four elements to increase the kinetic energy of the item. Popular names for this item is the law of attraction bottle, prayer bottle, manifestation bottle, and incantation bottle -depending on religious beliefs and culture. We offer this bottle in the larger and travel size.

What does it do?
A combined assortment of yang herbs and crystals connected to peace and serenity.

How does it work?
The user will set their intention or prayer with the bottle open for one week. The bottle must be placed in the "heart" of the home aka the place where people gather. It needs to be a place of energy like direct sunlight or a fireplace mantle. Close the bottle when you need to reduce the influence.