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Flying with Air

Gemstone Bottle Moon Set

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Gemstone Bottle New and Full Moon Set

This collection of gemstones was designed to help beginners and crystal collectors have a full and new moon set of crystal chips. They are 100% genuine natural gemstone chips labeled in easily transportable crystal bottles with corks tops.

What does it include?

The assorted bottle emotional balance set includes one of each of these crystals in a bottle measuring 2.25" tall (w/cork) and 1.00" diameter: 

Box Includes: Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Green Aventurine, Rainbow Fluorite, Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone, Citrine, Peridot, Gold Tigers Eye, Garnet Carnelian, Pyrite, Iolite

These sets are prepackaged and carefully chosen, so we cannot substitute any of the crystal bottles. The listing is for one set of 15 pc of the listed gemstones and crystals. The picture is an example of the crystal set, your crystals may very slightly in shape or color.

How does it work? 

Crystals must be cleansed before use. We cleanse our crystals with white sage smudging and Epsom salt. We suggest when you receive your crystals, that you do the same for at least one week. Once cleansed, we recommend adding your crystal to the meditative practice or bringing it with you to one of our energy healing sessions.