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Handcrafted Mushroom Wood Art - 25 Pack

Flying with Air

Regular price $375.00

Handcrafted Mushroom Wood Work Decor One of a Kind Pieces- 25 Wholesale Pack

MUSHROOM LOVERS 🍄 This was inspired by country mountain forests from fallen tree branches ✨ These carvings are artisan made, unique and one of a kind. You will receive a one of a kind mushroom decor  

These pieces are curated from real pine trees. They have multiple size options and the ability to be uniquely painted.


No two pieces are alike! Choose your size and if you would like to have the piece painted. The photos are examples of the product you will receive. 
Small: 4-5 inches tall & 2-3 inches in diameter 
Medium: 5-7 inches tall & 3-5 inches in diameter
This is a wholesale listing. 

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