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Hex be Gone Scrub

Flying with Air

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Hex by Gone Curse Removing Body Scrub

Our Hex by Gone Scrub is curated with salts, herbs and activated charcoal to cleanse your energy and body from any negative energy, influences, curses and hexes. It is topical use only.

You will need a white candle, loofah or wash cloth.Using the spoon or hands apply the scrub to the entire body. Let sit for five minutes. The scrub will coat the body with a black film. Use loofah or cloth to remove from the skin.

More Information
Keep away from white surfaces or cloths as it may temporarily stain. Do not eat. Consult doctor before uses if you are allergic to herbs or oils. Do not share your scrub when attempting to break a curse or hex as energy transfers. Heavier energies may require multiple cleansing .