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Flying with Air

& I FELT THAT: Poetry & Prose Interactive Meditation AI Illustration Book

& I FELT THAT: Poetry & Prose Interactive Meditation AI Illustration Book

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“I've been a victim, a survivor, a lover and a healer. But, I've never been so honest. I've been a model, an advocate and a business owner. But, I've never exposed my soul. Until now.” –  Airica Kraehmer

How to Use this Book:

This unique book was created with deep intention. Author, Air Kraehmer, fully understands the depths of emotions from her trauma and life experiences, but more importantly, she understands how having a guided light to healing is fundamental in achieving happiness. 

The multidimensional read is designed in a way to unite a healing pathway between the reader, Air and technology. Air’s poetry and prose collection has been assorted over years of experiences in power, love and freedom. She has even included the depths of emotions resulting from being a survivor of human trafficking. 

When designing this artwork she merged a healing practice of meditation coloring for the participants of the book to engage in their own healing practices and spiritual growth. 

In recent years, the nonprofit, FWA Women Survivors (, founded by Air Kraehmer, was created to focus on connecting human trafficking survivors with mental health practitioners and life coaches via an online web portal app. Since founding the nonprofit, she has realized spirituality, healing and technology can be integrated to help survivors of trauma in many ways. For this reason she opted to partner with an AI technology to create the illustrations in this book. 

With deep gratitude and appreciation, this book is now yours to manifest your healing and mindset. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. 

Unique Properties:

  • Poetry and prose written by a survivor of human trafficking in the categories of power, love and freedom.
  • Meditation coloring to express and engage in the healing and spiritual growth practice.
  • Integrated AI and human artistic illustrations uniting spirituality, mental health and technology.

Created by the award winning bestseller author,Air Kraehmer has collected assorted poems and prose about survival, love, power and freedom in an interactive coloring book for meditation and self healing. Her experiences as a human trafficking survivor, a woman in business and humanity have been poured on pages from her abuse, love, loss, and femininity.

POWER: A collection describing different pains and heartaches since childhood to present day. Power encompasses her trauma in kidnapping, career and interpersonal.

This section relates to healing heartache poured out to past lovers, bitter moments, missed opportunities and the grief of losing loved ones.

FREEDOM: The journey of freedom and building identity is written in a soul exposing way as her freedom was truly earned with the risk of her life and identity.

This soul-wrenching book relates to trauma survivors, healers, lovers, and business owners in a whole different spiritual realm.



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