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Lavender Salve

Flying with Air

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Lavender is one of the quickest ways to soothe a tired and overworked mind. As one of our most popular herbs, we have found our lavender balm to be blissful for a wide range of needs including improving mental health, nourishing skin and even aiding in jewelry making!

More about the herbs in this salve:

  • Lavender is known for helping soothe¬†anxiety,¬†stress, and¬†insomnia. Some individuals also use lavender for depression, dementia and pain.¬†

Here is how to use: 

Add the salve to the temples of your head, wrists,legs or hands for calming. It is okay to apply multiple times a day. 

Ingredients:  Organic English Lavender Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Moisture Benefit Drops, Mango Oil

2 oz, For External Use Only