Liberation Retreat Costa Rica 2024

Diamante Valley, Costa Rica
January 12th-15th, 2024 (4 nights/5 days)
Liberation Retreat & Accommodations 2024 (4 nights/5 days)
Liberation Retreat & Accommodations 2024 (4 nights/5 days)

Liberation Retreat & Accommodations 2024 (4 nights/5 days)

$1,950.00 USD
January 12th through 15th, 2024 (4 nights/5 days) - COST: You can reserve your spot with a down payment of $500 ($250 nonrefundable). Remaining balance due September 1st. Click on the room style below to see cost. Payment plans available upon request by emailing Payment plan is available for retreat.$500.00 reservation...

Brought to you by your retreat hosts air kraehmer and Tonia Cianciulli.

  • Double Queen Tent - Shared
  • King Bed Tent - Exclusive
  • King Bed Tent - Couple
  • Reserve Spot for $500 Downpayment ($250 Nonrefundable)
Add on
  • None
  • Private Coaching
  • Standard Massage (60 Min)
  • Tantra Massage
  • Private Yoga (60 Min)
  • Private Reiki (60 Min)
  • IV Drip


Payment plans are available upon request. Please email for details. 

Brought to you by your retreat hosts air kraehmer and Tonia Cianciulli.


See details within the details

What's Included:
Eco Luxe Accommodations
Gourmet Farm to Table Cuisine (3 Meals per Day)
Costa Rica Waterfall Excursion
Cacao Medicine Ceremony
Daily Yoga Vinyasa Practice
Self Defense Course Workshop
Sound bath Ceremony Bowls w/ Vocalist
Breathwork Wim Hof Circle
HeartMath Breath-Work Workshop
Reiki Group Circle
Fire Ceremony
HeartMath Group Session
Morning Pages
Intro to Tantra Workshop
Intro to Crystals 101 Workshop
Intro to Herbalism 101 Workshop
Future You Creation Session with integrated NLP Exercises
Self-care & Resilience Workshop

Available for additional purchase:
60 Minute Private Coaching with Facilitator of Your Choice (Air or Tonia)
60 Minute Individual Reiki Session
60 Minute Private Yoga Session
IV Drop
60 Minute Spa Massage

What's Not Included:
Flight tickets to/from Costa Rica
Traveler's Insurance
Health Insurance
Additional hotel reservations if you arrive before or after retreat)
Additional excursions or spa treatments)

Which room type is best for me?


SHARED DOUBLE ROOM = Guest will have a queen sized bed in a eco lux room shared with another guest (see photo below)

KING EXCLUSIVE = Guest will have a king bed in a tent exclusively not shared with any other guest.

KING COUPLE = Ideal for guest sharing a king sized bed together in their own eco lux tent.

Not sure how to afford to join us? 

We have a few options to help!  If
  • Fill 5 spots, you can join us for FREE! (does not include flight or extras) 
  • Fill 3 spots, you can save 50% off! ((does not include flight or extras) 
  • Fill 2 spots, you can save 30% off! (does not include flight or extras)

Please understand, you do not count as one of the spots you fill.
What is a spiritual retreat? 

A spiritual retreat is a period of time spent away from daily life and routine to focus on spiritual growth, reflection, and renewal. It is an opportunity to disconnect from distractions and reconnect with oneself, nature, and a higher power or purpose. Spiritual retreats can take many forms, depending on the specific beliefs and practices of the participants, but they generally involve some combination of meditation, prayer, contemplation, journaling, and group discussions. The purpose of a spiritual retreat is to deepen one's spiritual practice, gain clarity and insight, and find inner peace and healing. 

What are the benefits of attending a spiritual retreat? 

There are many potential benefits of attending a spiritual retreat, including: 

1. Renewal and rejuvenation: A spiritual retreat provides an opportunity to take a break from the stress and demands of daily life, recharge your batteries, and return to your routine feeling refreshed and energized. 

2. Deeper spiritual understanding: By taking time away from distractions and focusing on your spiritual practice, you may gain deeper insights and understanding into your beliefs, values, and purpose. 

3. Increased mindfulness and presence: Retreats often involve practices such as meditation and contemplation that help cultivate mindfulness and presence. These skills can help you stay more focused and grounded in your daily life.

4. Connection with like-minded individuals: Many retreats are attended by people who share similar beliefs and values, providing an opportunity to connect with others who can offer support and encouragement on your spiritual journey.

5. Healing and transformation: Retreats can be powerful catalysts for healing and transformation, as you confront and release old patterns, beliefs, and emotions that may be holding you back. Overall, attending a spiritual retreat can be a transformative experience that helps you deepen your spiritual practice, gain new insights, and find greater peace and meaning in your life. 6

What should I bring with me on a spiritual retreat? 

The specific items you should bring on a spiritual retreat may vary depending on the location, duration, and activities of the retreat. However, here are some general suggestions: 

1. Comfortable clothing: Choose loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and won't distract you during meditation or other spiritual practices. 

2. Meditation cushion or yoga mat: If you have a preferred cushion or mat for meditation or yoga, bring it with you.

3. Journal and pen: A journal can be helpful for reflecting on your experiences and insights during the retreat.

4. Water bottle: Staying hydrated is important, so bring a refillable water bottle to keep with you throughout the retreat.

5. Personal spiritual items: If you have any personal spiritual items, such as a mala, rosary, or prayer beads, bring them with you.

6. Snacks: Depending on the retreat schedule, you may want to bring some healthy snacks to keep you fueled during breaks.

7. Comfort items: If you have any items that bring you comfort, such as a favorite blanket or pillow, consider bringing them with you to help you feel more at ease.

8. Toiletries: Bring any necessary toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap.

9. Comfortable shoes: If the retreat includes outdoor activities or walking, bring comfortable shoes or sneakers. Be sure to check with the retreat organizers for any specific items they recommend or prohibit. 

Do I need to have a specific religious affiliation to attend a spiritual retreat?
You do not have to belong to a certain religious affiliation to attend a spiritual retreat. Oftentimes many different religions or nonreligious people will join us on a retreat.

Are payment plans available? 

Yes, we are able to discuss payment plans. Please email us directly at for options. 

What should I do to prepare for a spiritual retreat? 

1. Set an intention: Spend some time reflecting on what you want to get out of the retreat and set an intention for your experience. 

2. Create a plan: Make a plan for how you will spend your time during the retreat, including activities, rest, and reflection.

3. Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness practices such as meditation and breathing exercises can help to relax and center you before the retreat.

4. Connect with nature: If possible, spend some time outdoors in nature and allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of the environment.

5. Let go of expectations: Don’t create expectations about how the retreat will go or what you should get out of it. Allow yourself to be open to the experience and let go of any pre-conceived ideas.

6. Get plenty of rest: Make sure you are well-rested before the retreat so that you can make the most of your time.

7. Meditate: Taking some time to meditate before the retreat can help you to clear your mind and be present in the moment.

Please email if you any additional questions. 

This retreat is brought to you by Flying with Air in partnership with An Artist's Journey. Your hosts are Air Kraehmer and Tonia Cianciulli.

These images directly come from the Holos retreat center located in Costa Rica. We have not used stock images for these images. All photos belong to the retreat center and their assigned copyrights. We would love to put you in contact with their photographer and videographer Jon if you are in needing of incredible artistry. You can contact him at