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Live Air Plant w/ Holder Jade & Adjustable Cord

Flying with Air

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Living Air Plant with Circluar Globe Holder Sitting in Jade Stone with Adjustable Height Cord 

Your tillanasia bergeri air plant will grow to be between 2-12" depending on proper care and love. You can buy the air plant alone or in a holder for hanging in your home or office. This is a very low maintenance plant that can easily survivor indoors or outdoors for even those who do not have a green thumb.

Some air plants change colors depending on their environment, so be delightfully surprised if they change to pink or purple during summer season.

When you receive your air plant, soak in normal room temperature water for third minutes before hanging. 

What does it do?

It adds a touch of air and earth energy to your home in a low maintenance beautiful way. Care is easy as you only need to soak in water once every other week for 1 hour for a healthy happy plant.