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Money & Abundance Sachet

Flying with Air

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Money & Abundance Herb & Crystal Sachet
Our Money & Abundance Sachet is curated with energies from herbalism, crystals, oils and minerals. We’ve combined the earth, air, water, fire and spirit elements into a travel size sachet for your manifestation needs. 

What does it do?
Each herb, oil, crystal and mineral was carefully selected as its properties carried an element of wealth, prosperity or abundance. Each herb, oil, crystal and salt of the mountain mineral was carefully selected as its properties carried an element of prosperity and abundance. This sachet includes aloe, sage, rosemary, golden rod, frankincense and chamomile as well as the abundance manifestation crystals of citrine and pyrite. Lastly, we have cleansed the energy of these sachets with both white sage blessings and reiki healing. 

How does it work?
These combined energies have joined forces to work with you and your intention. An intention is what you are specifically trying to manifest in your life. When you receive your sachet prepare for setting your intention the following Monday or Wednesday. These days are best for setting abundance intentions. When you are ready hand write down your intention. Have a candle nearby by, so that when you are finished with your letter you can burn it. This releases the intention into the universe. Carry the sachet with you in a bag or leave it near a place you have valuables like in a safe.