My Savior Cross Blue Crochet Bohemian Purse

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Looking for a unique bohemian style handbag? I have you covered with one of my one-of-a-kind purses. They all have unique personalities and were created by yours truly. You'll never be caught matching another woman's handbag -which is always a great feeling!


The blue crochet purse with a cross is a symbol of my faith in my savior. It is a reflection of picking up my cross daily and remembering what God has done for me.


Features for this boho bag are:


- Crochet netted bag and handle
- Cross blue purse has blue fabric with white embroidery soft lining


I suggest spot cleaning this bag for when those mistakes happen. It is easy to clean, just use cold water and a gentle cleanser.


Flying with Air was created by human trafficking survivor Air who found healing in the bohemian lifestyle. Now, wanting every bohemian box to feel like a hand-wrapped gift, she started the best bohemian subscription box filled with fashion and self-care wellness.

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