Peace & Serenity Herbs (Live Online)

Peace & Serenity Herbs (Live Online)

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What are you really looking for in this life? When we get down to the roots of the matter, what we really need is peace and serenity. Having that foundation in our life allows us to calm the storm in our minds, and until then, we are unable to calm any other storms in our lives. If you are struggling with the inner demons in your life, allow us to teach you about the 5 special herbs that can help bring some peace and serenity into your life. We look forward to seeing you prosper! 


Once enrolled, you will receive a few emails from us. The first will be a confirmation of your order. Then you will receive a class reminder email 48 hours in advance. This email will include any PDFs of the lesson notes or for some classes the ingredient list (if the ingredient kit was not purchased at order.) So, check your settings to make sure emails are not being filtered incorrectly. 

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