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Flying with Air

Pendulum AA Polished

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Multiple Variation Polished Energy Pendulum AA Crystal 

Our energy pendulums have a smooth and polished finish. Each pendulum weighs approximately 7-12g not including the chain and ball attachment. The size and shape may vary slightly. Our pendulums come in different variations depending on the practitioners questions and goals.  

What does it do?
Energy manifestation is a spiritual gift given to those at birth or trained in the art. Those with this gift will use the practice to answer questions and receive guidance from the universe. The pendulum questions may be focused on the type of crystal providing guidance. For example, someone may utilize a rose quartz pendulum for questions regarding unconditional  love. 

How does it work? 

Crystals must be cleansed before use. We cleanse our crystals with white sage smudging and Epsom salt. We suggest when you receive your crystals, that you do the same for at least one week. Once cleansed, we recommend adding your crystal to the meditative practice or bringing it with you to one of our energy healing sessions. If would like to learn more about how to use your pendulum please refer to our social media Instagram or Tik Tok for a how to video.