Essential Oil Bath Salt Soak

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Essential oil and mineral blend of relaxing and detoxing ingredients for a peaceful bath time. Enjoy the bliss for your body and mental health. 

Ingredients:  Himalayan Pink Salts for mineral detox restoring recharge and replenishing the body, Lavender Beragamot and Sweet Orange Essential Oil for relaxation , Chamomile , Aesthetic Flower Petals, Epsom Salt 

Directions: Pour 1-2 tablespoons into warm bath water and indulge in a relaxing soak. Remember to not have the bath water to hot and the more you pour the more strength of the aroma.

Extra Tips:
- Store in Cool & Dry Location
- Ionic solution will draw toxins out of the body for detoxing and skin purification

- Bath salts are not designed to cure any illness or disease. Please consult a doctor if you are trying to find a cure for a disease or illness. Do not eat or ingest the bath soak.

Helping the Environment as a Sustainable Low Waste Business

We use reusable, jars and vials as we want to limit our impact on the environment. We hope that by doing this it will encourage you to use the jars or vials for further use in your life. If you choose to return your undamaged jars to us after you are done, we will give a 20 percent discount on your next purchase as a special thank you for helping us protect the environment.

Additionally, we use recyclable paper for our bags and subscription corrugated boxes. 


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