Unconscious Awakening Bars Session

Unconscious Awakening Bars Session

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Unconscious Awakening Bars Healing Session

The Bars are a set of 32 points that run through your head, which store the electromagnetic imprint of every thought, decision, attitude and belief you’ve ever had. 

What does it do?
Having your Bars activated includes lightly touching the 32 points on the head resulting in a discharge of congested conscious mind energy. As you release unwanted limitations, you are able to form new, healthy neural connections which have immediate and lasting impacts.

How does it work?
Each 60-minute Bars sessions works well with music, conversation with your healer and/or being in a meditative state.

How does scheduling work?

During checkout, please feel free to add good times and days for scheduling your session. Most of our healing sessions take place on the beach for optimal energy healing.

    The Day of the Session

    Before the class come with an intention and open mind. You may want to bring a blanket or towel that makes you feel comfortable. Also, feel free to bring any crystals to help with your session.

    Want to Schedule a Group Session?
    If you want to have a private group session please email us at info@flyingwithair.com

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