Rose Quartz Energy Tower

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Rose Quartz Energy Tower

Our rose quartz energy point towers are here to aid in and amplify your spiritual journey. Our clear quartz towers are between 2” to 4” tall and are cleansed with white sage and reiki healing before shipping. Buy a single energy tower point or the entire set of six pieces ranging in various sizes between 2" to 4".

What does it do?
Rose quartz is known as an unconditional love and self love crystal. It does this by absorbing, storing, releasing and transferring negative energy to positive. Physically, rose quartz can also help balance the heart charka in a gentle way.

How does it work? 

We recommend adding the rose quartz energy tower to your meditative practice or bringing it with you to one of our energy healing sessions. Rose quartz works well with other heart chakra crystals because it has a gentle vibration. If you do not wish to carry clear quartz with you a great place for it would be in your bedroom to increase romance and love.

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